Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sara-Busy November

I must apologize for the very very late updates of my various travels. November has kept me busy. I am participating in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writer's Month) and I have been spending most of my time writing other than posting. I have also been writing up a Thanksgiving menu for my Junior High students and translating it into Japanese. They are having somewhat of a hard time understanding Pilgrims though. They're surprised to find out that Americans are not Americans but Native Americans are.

This makes me a little worried about Christmas though because I never had a traditional Christmas until I went to Patrick's home and had Christmas with his family. I keep having to explain that I'm not Christian so my Christmas is very different. This makes me wonder what would happen if someone who was Jewish became an ALT. I'm sure it must have happened before, but probably there weren't many to talk about Hanukkah.

I often feel like I'm in a Star Trek episode. I'm part of an away team and I'm supposed to teach the alien race about Starfleet and the idea that the Federation of Plants really means, all planets and that even among humans, there are differences.

Anyway, I will probably write about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan. So, unfortunately that means hearing even less from me and my school.

Happy Thanksgiving though!

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