Sunday, September 2, 2007

Catherine-My School

So I just finished my first real week of teaching at my school and I will be starting week two tomorrow and I have to say, "Wow." Teaching is hard work. It's not the standing in front of a class imparting knowledge part but all the others that make this so a difficult job. Prep work, talking to students, extracurriculars, staff meetings, grade meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and the list goes on. Having spent a week in school from the teacher's perspective rather than the student's I can now fully appreciate what a pain in the butt I was for my teachers. I also say this with the qualifications that I was a decent student who was reasonably well behaved and who liked school for the most part. Despite this I really like teaching. I like being able to help kids become adults and realize their goals. I throughly admire all of my the teachers I work with and I think that I very lucky to be where I am.

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lynda said...

just trying to give this blogger thing a try. yeah, working is exactly what it is, work. some, for me has been rewarding. the work i'm doing now, seems to be glorified babysitting. sounds like the banking thing there is difficult.