Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catherine's school

At my school, Josei Jr. High School, everyone is pretty excited to have an AET. The students see me in the hallways and do the walk by "Hello" and then giggle when I respond. It's nice to be appreciated. At the same time it seems silly to me to be admired for being able to speak my native language. I do have a few smart alicks who mimic their teacher's praise by saying "good job" or "great English" to me. On the whole the students are well adjusted, interested, and excited to learn. I'm really glad to be teaching.

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Dan DeGrasse said...

Hooray for Josei! I taught there last year with SICE! Tell everyone there hello for me! I hope to follow you guys back to Morioka next year so wish me luck on that.

- Dan DeGrasse