Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Patrick- Cultural Festival

This past weekend we had the cultural festival, where the students spend two days having an open house with many performances. They decorate the classrooms, rearranging everything:

In the classrooms, they displayed projects they had created in most of their classes.

For example, all of the students in the school painted different pictures of the Prefectural Park which is about a five minutes' walk from the school:

And here's one of the school itself:

Some of the students also made anti-drunk driving and anti-bullying posters:

Third year students had to paint self-portraits. Some of them gave themselves blue eyes:

Third year students also made enormous banners for their classes:

Second year students had to sew cargo pants together. When I took home ec, we only had to make a bag:

Students also showed off their calligraphy skills:

Second grade students wrote their dream in English. Third years wrote a poem. These are some of my favorites:

I'll add more about the performances and such when I am able to get some of the video and audio recordings up here.

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